Jul 04

The West Virginia Attorney General’s Office has ordered Clarksburg to stop enforcing its building codes following a complaint filed by the state Fire Commission against the city’s code enforcement office.

The complaint alleged that the city’s building codes are unlawful and that code enforcement officers are uncertified. The complaint also alleged that the city targeted specific property owners, and that some officials used public funds to enrich themselves and others, The Exponent Telegram reported.

via The Charleston Gazette 

Jun 26

GENEVA, June 25, 2014 AFP – UN rights experts on Wednesday slammed struggling US city Detroit for violating the basic human rights of its citizens by disconnecting thousands of people from water services over unpaid bills.

via Detroit violating human rights by closing water taps: UN.

Jun 09


While this is from the CA Board of Realtors, it has nationwide implications.  The article links to the revised IRS docs.

This legal article discusses the income tax consequences to the borrower in the event of a foreclosure on the borrower’s property, in the event the borrower transfers title to the lender as part of an agreement with the lender deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, and if the borrower sells the property to another in a short sale in which a lender accepts less than the balance due on the loan as payment in full.


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Jun 08

Farmers Branch leaders spent more than $6 million on immigration-related lawsuits and other efforts while trying to ban those living in the U.S. illegally from renting property.

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Jun 05

So it cost one city  ~$7.5 million because they thought landlords should be the gatekeepers to the community

Farmers Branch previously had spent more than $6 million defending the ordinance, which was never enforced.

The ordinance the high court declined to hear would have required all prospective tenants to prove they are in the U.S. lawfully as part of obtaining a $5 residential occupancy license. Tenants and landlords who violated the ordinance would have faced class C misdemeanor charges.

via  Dallas Morning News.

Jun 04

BRADENTON — There’s no greater symbol of personal freedoms than the American flag, which is why a Bradenton homeowner has painted one across his 100-year-old house — to protest what he says amounts to harassment by city code enforcement officials.

via  Bradenton Herald.

May 31

Harvard report on rental housing

Reversing the long uptrend in homeownership, American
households have increasingly turned to the rental market
for their housing. From 31 percent in 2004, the renter share
of all US households climbed to 35 percent in 2012, bringing
the total number to 43 million by early 2013.

May 03

“No interest whatsoever. I don’t want the cost and responsibility of one right now,” she says. “Let [the landlord] have all the headaches,” adds Diamond, who rents a three-bedroom condo outside of Baltimore.


In fact, the National Endowment for Financial Education released a poll this week that showed only 13% of Americans considered home ownership as their “top long term financial goal,” down from 17% in 2011.

via MarketWatch.

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