Jun 29

There are an estimated 65,000 bank-owned properties and more than 1,500 newly created condo units from the building boom available for purchase, but not currently on the market, in South Florida, according to Condo Vultur

via Business Journal.

[Not just South FL, but everywhere else too]

Jun 29

Mary Myss never has to paint her Chaska, Minn., home, mow the lawn or shovel her driveway. That’s because her walkout rambler is in Pioneer Point, a subdivision of single-family homes that are maintained by a homeowners’ association.

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Jun 29

Con artists send letters telling borrowers they should begin sending their mortgage payments to a fictitious company that has begun servicing their loans. By the time borrowers find out they’ve been had, they’re out one or possibly two payments.

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Jun 29

The same mad ordinances supposedly conceived to keep sex offenders away from children had funneled nine of them into a trailer park teeming with children. Of course, these were poor children, many of them undocumented, who didn’t matter so much.

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Jun 28

Here are five points about what to do if you have missed a mortgage payment and are having trouble affording your home:

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Jun 28

Realtors are hoping an uptick in home prices reported on Tuesday is the beginning of a turnaround, but industry experts say it’s too soon to tell if the improvement is anything other than a seasonal blip.

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Jun 28

Those who buy and sell for a profit on a consistent basis will definitely improve their lifestyle. They’ll drive better cars, send their kids to better schools, live in better homes, and enjoy superior vacations. This is a good thing. We all like the finer things in life.

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Jun 26

Interest-free loans worth up to $50,000 should soon be available for many borrowers at risk of losing their homes because of unemployment or medical disability.

via Property Trax

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