Mar 22

Brenton Hayden is the CEO and founder of Renters Warehouse USA 

Straightforward, I’d say. Certainly someone would be interested, but after the third call and no bites, I grew weary. Good thing I don’t believe in the three-strikes-and-you’re-out theory, since that fourth call was the catalyst behind what is now Renters Warehouse. It immediately took off and in the first year of business, we rented over 600 properties, hired new staff and made $966,803 in profit.

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Jun 02

16% of Realtors own one or more vacation homes and 44% own other residential properties for investment and one in ten Realtors own at least one commercial property.

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May 01

Just five years ago, no one used Twitter to sell real estate. But it’s quickly becoming a must-have element of the increasingly Internet-enabled toolbox of savvy real estate brokers.

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Apr 25

t often appears that real estate investors and Realtors are at odds with each other when it comes to the value and quality of services that are provided in real estate transactions.  Can each of these groups conduct their businesses without the other?  Sure, but can they be more successful working together?  We think they can!

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Mar 23

Our opinion is that anyone can sue for anything, but it has to have merit. That is not to say whether or not the aforementioned lawsuit has merit, it is to say that of course you can sue, but winning is another question altogether.

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Oct 21

Home buyers pay thousands more dollars — up to $116,000 more, according to this Redfin study — for homes that were photographed using the higher-end SLR cameras favored by professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

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Sep 28

• Old charmer – an old and ugly house

• Stunning house – the house is not ugly

• Tudor – two bedrooms are in the attic which is not insulated; very hot in summer and very cold in winter

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Aug 08

Squatters! Someone took our lock box off the door and is now living in our home, what to do now?

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