May 19

Nearly 40 million Americans received food stamps — the latest in an ever-higher string of record enrollment that dates from December 2008 and the U.S. recession, according to a government update.

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[If people can't buy food, they probably also can't pay rent.  A bad omen for our industry]

May 05

“Collections is the process of completing the sale,” according to Abe WalkingBear Sanchez. As the endorsed Credit Consultant to the 4,500 combined members of STAFDA and PEI trade organizations, he advises companies to make collection calls using a positive, sales-oriented approach.

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Apr 21

BROOKLYN — Last week Sean Overstreet, 29, of Brooklyn, was arrested and charged with posing as a city marshal and unlawfully confronting and evicting a tenant from her basement apartment in Hollis, Queens, in January.

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Apr 09

“In this case, Gwen Smith runs a scam pattern,” attorney Lisa Gygax said in a trial brief filed in Sonoma County Superior Court. “She seeks a kind landlord, moves in and never intends to pay anything but the first month's rent,” the attorney said in her filing.

After a months-long legal battle to recoup unpaid rent and utilities, Sonoma County Superior Court Judge Elliot Daum on Thursday ordered Smith to pay Wilt $42,500 in damages — agreeing to a requested tripling of actual damages on grounds Smith acted with “malicious and manipulative” intent, according to court documents.


Mar 25

One in five renters was behind on rent in the fourth quarter, down from 23 percent of people in the third quarter. The report concluded that decline, in the “non-luxury” segment, was “probably due to more vigorous collections efforts.”

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Mar 19

An Akron landlord who was showing an apartment Wednesday afternoon was robbed by armed gunmen.


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Mar 13

“Whether the landlord dies or the property is sold or the management company changes, the lease that was signed is still binding on the tenants,” said Esther Patt, coordinator of the Tenant Union. “I think that maybe people perceive it as a personal relationship rather than a real estate contract.”

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Jan 26

Landlord Assist is warning that tenant defaults could soar in the months ahead amid reports that over the past year, up to one million households have borrowed money on a credit card to pay their mortgage or rent.

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