Mar 15

I started to notice recently that the utility bills were getting very expensive at my properties. Some tenants seem to be running the heat even when the temperature is in the high 60s, while others seem to be using a lot of water.

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Feb 21

Ads depicting all whites violate the Federal Fair Housing Act, according to Attorney Margaret Brown, Executive Director of the Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan Detroit. VOD sent photos of the ads to her. Brown said the Center will open an investigation.“The depiction of any single race in an ad or a series of ads is a violation of the Fair Housing Act,” Brown, formerly Director of Equal Opportunity and Fair Housing for the Michigan State Housing Development Authority MSHDA, told VOD.


Nov 10

The short answer to your question is no. A certificate from a website, in all likelihood, has nothing to do with whether a tenant is entitled to have an emotional support animal.


Sep 15

A federal housing agency is accusing a western Wisconsin landlord of refusing to rent a rural house to a single mother because there was no man to live with her “to shovel the snow,” but the property owner said Saturday that she was simply watching out for the womans welfare.

“Fairness dictates, and the Fair Housing Act requires, that housing decisions not be based on outmoded stereotypes of people’s `place’ in our society,”

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Jul 03

The case of a senior citizen battling her condo to keep her emotional-service-dog is moving to federal court.


Feb 05

The agency has found that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and families are arbitrarily excluded from some housing opportunities in the private sector, and wants to ensure they have the opportunity to compete fairly for agency funds.

via Courthouse News Service.

Nov 12

The suit charged that Harry Norman and Sherrouse, metro Atlanta real estate agents, advertised a “no-child policy” at a unit for sale

via The Marietta Daily Journal

Oct 10

A Postville landlord has filed discrimination lawsuits against the city, the city clerk and two council members, alleging that their actions devastated his business.

via The Des Moines Register.

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