Apr 19

“Storage… it’s not shopping centres, it’s not hotels, it’s not fashion, it doesn’t seem on the face of it the sexiest of products,” admits James Gibson, one of the founders of the Big Yellow Self Storage Company.It may not be sexy but the self-storage industry has bucked successive recessions.

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Mar 15

I started to notice recently that the utility bills were getting very expensive at my properties. Some tenants seem to be running the heat even when the temperature is in the high 60s, while others seem to be using a lot of water.

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Feb 23

Traditionally, single-family rental homes have been owned by local landlords. But there’s more interest in such properties from groups or individuals far-flung from the Hoosier State who are buying in bulk.

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Jan 21

Owning real estate is a time tested way to grow your personal wealth, and if you are able to hold onto your properties long term, its a fantastic way to invest your money.But being a landlord can be intimidating and is not without its headaches.

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Jan 12

“By requiring a property owner to pay an outstanding water bill that is due from the delinquent account of a consumer who has contracted with you for water usage, is in effect transferring one person’s obligation to another,” Joseph May wrote in a letter to the water board this week.

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Jan 12

First of all, before anyone takes the “plunge” to becoming a landlord, it is important to ask yourself, “Do I have the right temperament to be a landlord?” In other words, will you be able to sleep at night knowing that you not only have one water heater, dishwasher, HVAC system, etc., to be concerned about, but now you have two of each. And when it is storming late at night now, you won’t only be thinking about your own freezing pipes, roof, trees, etc., but also those that belong to that other property as well.

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Dec 16

Your landlord probably hates you.Its not necessarily your fault, but theres a good chance its probably true.

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Dec 13

Wall Streets foreclosure crisis, which began in late 2007 and forced more than 10 million people from their homes, has created a paradoxical problem. Millions of evicted Americans need a safe place to live, even as millions of vacant, bank-owned houses are blighting neighborhoods and spurring a rise in crime. Lucky for us, Wall Street has devised a solution: Its going to rent these foreclosed houses back to us. In the process, its devised a new form of securitization that could cause this whole plan to blow up—again.

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