Oct 10

A Postville landlord has filed discrimination lawsuits against the city, the city clerk and two council members, alleging that their actions devastated his business.

via The Des Moines Register.

Sep 10

The 3rd Circuit on Thursday struck down ordinances in Hazleton, Pa., aimed at blocking illegal immigrants from getting jobs or renting apartments. The court said the regulations “undermined” the federal government’s careful balance between curbing illegal immigration and preventing employers and landlords from discriminating against anyone who looks foreign.

via Courthouse News Service.

Sep 06

Dennis and Laura Burd sold a house to Satoru Kuwabara and May Hsu (the Kuwabaras). The Burds appeal from a judgment obligating them to pay the Kuwabaras the amount it cost the Kuwabaras to make the home code compliant as set forth in the offer to purchase. We affirm.

¶2 On January 21, 2006, the parties entered into a residential real estate contract for the sale of the Burds’ village of Thiensville home to the Kuwabaras. Thiensville ordinances require clear-water compliance inspections upon resale or change of ownership of any residence.(1) By an addendum to the offer to purchase, the parties agreed that the Burds would provide the Kuwabaras a certificate of code compliance prior to closing.

via No. 09-2328.

Sep 03

Members of Congress from both parties have taken notice, and the Senate is scheduled to vote Sept. 14 on two amendments to an unrelated bill: One would eliminate the 1099 provision; the other would exempt businesses with fewer than 25 employees, raise the reporting threshold to purchases above $5,000, and exclude those made with a credit card. A 60-vote majority would be required in both cases.


Sep 01

Can owner post “for sale” sign in front of my rental?

I have a 12-month contract to rent.  House was previously for sale by owner.  Following signing of my lease, the owner listed it with a real estate agent and now I have a large colorful sign in front of my house.  It is NOT in my contract.  What are my rights?  May I legally remove it?

via Zillow News.

Aug 29

In Washington, as elsewhere, the battle over secondhand smoke is moving from airplanes, bars and office buildings to an arena that once seemed impenetrable: private residences.

via The News Tribune.

Aug 22

An easement may be modified if it is impossible for it to fulfill its primary purpose.

via Wisconsin Law Journal

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