Jun 23

One out of four building material dealers responding to a survey last month on the Environmental Protection Agencys EPA just-enacted rule on lead-based paint say remodelers and renovators have canceled work on a project because they lack the certification needed under the new rule.

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Jun 15

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has denied recent requests by the Home Builders Association of Tennessee and NAHB for flexibility on the newly-enacted Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting rule in order to speed the recovery of communities in western Tennessee devastated by floodwaters early last month.

Cited by Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) as the deadliest natural disaster in the U.S. since the election of President Obama, two-days of record rainfall damaged nearly 1.3 million homes or structures in Nashville and the region. Almost 700,000 of these were built before 1978, subjecting them to the lead paint rule.

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Jun 11

The advertisements, all for the same apartment in Chelsea, stated, “the apartment may have lead paint so if you have young children under 6 years old or are on Section 8 this will not work for you.” In addition, the complaint alleges that when an investigator from the AG's office contacted Eastern Property and posed as a father with a young child, he was steered away from renting the advertised property and told that he would have to sign a release form before he could rent the property.

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Jun 05

Jim Stauffer, a painting contractor in Lincoln, estimates the new regulations and lead-containment requirements could boost the price of painting an older home by as much as $1,000.

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Jun 05

Even so, the rule illustrates how EPA is currently driven more by progressive ideology and bureaucratic inefficiency than common sense. The rule requires that any renovation of any building built before 1978 affecting six or more square feet of paint must be overseen by a government-certified renovator and conducted by a government-certified renovation firm. Certification requires completion of an EPA-approved training course and payment of a fee to the agency.

The rule applies to anybody — including painters, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, plus general contractors and property owners — who “disturbs painting” in covered structures.

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Jun 04

The annual spring building boom in Addison County and beyond is being at least slightly tempered by the financial impact of new federal regulations requiring contractors to take more precautions in performing renovation projects in older buildings containing lead paint.

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May 23

Contractors and other professionals who work on building renovations are worried that a new government ruling aimed at protecting against the risks of lead-paint poisoning will add another financial burden to their already distressed sector of the economy.

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May 15

Here’s some background on lead poisoning, lead-safety home renovation work and the new EPA rules on lead-paint safety.

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