Jun 29

Mary Myss never has to paint her Chaska, Minn., home, mow the lawn or shovel her driveway. That’s because her walkout rambler is in Pioneer Point, a subdivision of single-family homes that are maintained by a homeowners’ association.

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May 14

Don’t pay a contractor more than 30 percent upfront. Make periodic payments as the contractor completes certain portions of the project (expect to make an average of three payments per project), dangling a significant amount – at least 10 percent – to be paid only when the job is completed to your satisfaction.

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Mar 29

Well, it turns out programmable thermostats aren’t the miracle device we’ve believed all along. In fact, sometimes using a programmable thermostat costs more than not having one at all. But the fault doesn’t lie with the thermostat. The trouble, as my father used to say, is the nut behind the wheel.

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Oct 17

Today’s Best Practices looks at how the rule, which requires a number of training, certification and paperwork procedures by contractors working on pre-1978 homes, has impacted remodeling companies around the country.

A burning question facing many industry professionals involves noncompliant competitors. Assuming you’ve invested considerable time and money in becoming lead-safe certified and following lead-safe practices on remodeling projects:

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Sep 29

The President’s 2011 budget provides for a hundred new IRS agents to ramp up their enforcement efforts. Mislabeled contractors are among their priorities. 6,000 companies have already been targeted as potential violators.

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