Sep 06

Aug. 4, 2010 – When neither tenant nor landlord is negligent in causing fire, water or other casualty damage to property, a residential lease that ambiguously allocates liability will be construed in favor of the non-drafter, the Wisconsin Supreme Court recently held.

However, the court did not decide whether Wisconsin statutory law actually prohibits parties from allocating risk by lease agreement in the event that neither party is negligent.

via State Bar of Wisconsin.

Jul 10

Prairie Woods Apartments is owned by Christopherson Properties. The manager told KCCI on Friday that they have 378 apartments and only five have had bed bug issues.

She told me they're happy to pay for the extermination if it's their fault, but she said the tenants brought the bedbugs into the apartment complex and they should have to pay for their extermination.

via KCCI Des Moines.

Feb 25

Bakersfield landlord said people moved into his rental home without his permission after paying the deposit with a bad check. That started a much bigger case that ended with the arrests.

via Bakersfield Now

Jan 07

A landlord’s only way to protect himself is to require the first and last month's rent plus security deposit and references. I wish I had a tenant registration to verify before letting someone destroy my property.

Let’s put the responsibility where it belongs, not on the landlord but on the tenant.

via Star-Gazette.

Nov 12

9. ‘Someone threw a brick through my window.’

But something’s missing — namely, the glass. Oh, look, it’s on the outside.

via MSN Real Estate.

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