Oct 23

The Old “Totally Fake Identity” Trick with great credit report:

Fake IDs are sold to under aged kids who want to get into bars all over the country. It is easy enough for a con-man tenant to get a fake ID to match his friend’s or relative’s credit report and present him/herself as that person. It is a good idea to check IDs carefully and verify as much information in that

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Jul 25

The first reason is that you don’t follow what I say and you don’t send out letters. This is the reason 99% of people aren’t successful. The second reason is because you send out a terribly written letter that doesn’t get any response. Luckily, if you network properly you can find investors who will share their profitable letters with you.

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Jun 15

A new “group buying” trend is emerging on the web, in which consumers effectively band together to get better deals or discounts when purchasing products and services. One of the flagship group buying web services, GroupOn, was recently valued at over $1 billion – providing a sense of just how big this sector could become.

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May 18

A developer claims New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo forced it to return $16 million in down payments on 40 condos because of a typographical error in a contract.

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Apr 17

We’ve all done it: you have a extra toilet in the basement or in some other little-used area of the house. One day, it gets used and the toilet mechanism gets stuck. A few days later, you see the toilet was still running and you anticipate a higher-than-usual upcoming water bill. Maybe a few dollars — but, $1,274.07??

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Jan 02

Nothing’s certain except death and taxes — but a temporary lapse in the estate tax is causing a few wealthy Americans to try to bend those rules.

Starting Jan. 1, the estate tax — which can erase nearly half of a wealthy person's estate — goes away for a year. For families facing end-of-life decisions in the immediate future, the change is making one of life's most trying episodes only more complex.

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Oct 22

Number 1 – Thinking There Is Some Hidden Magical Secret Guaranteeing Success

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