Sep 04

We Energies customers would see a 1.4% increase in electric rates come January under a proposal filed Friday afternoon with state regulators.

The increase would push a typical residential customers’ monthly electric bill above $100 a month for the first time.

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[Didn't they learn from Milwaukee Water Works to ask for 30%?]

Aug 14

We’ve had a lot of water in the wrong place this year. But, landlords complain about water in the wrong place, too. That place is coming out of the tap at their rentals. I hear complaints that tenants “take hour-long showers,” as if they are doing this just to hurt the landlord.

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Apr 17

We’ve all done it: you have a extra toilet in the basement or in some other little-used area of the house. One day, it gets used and the toilet mechanism gets stuck. A few days later, you see the toilet was still running and you anticipate a higher-than-usual upcoming water bill. Maybe a few dollars — but, $1,274.07??

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Apr 06

Many water utilities are raising rates because water use is down, in part because manufacturers have closed or are cutting back, tourism has fallen and the real estate market is in the doldrums.

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Mar 29

We Energies' CEO pay increased 23%

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[A reward for record high rates?]

Nov 18

Prices for We Energies customers will rise again in January, but not as much as the utility proposed, state regulators decided Thursday.

The three-member state Public Service Commission approved a $90 million price increase that will raise bills for the typical customer by about $6 a month.

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Nov 07

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled that cable television is a protected utility service under state law that can’t be shut off during landlord-tenant disputes.

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Oct 18

A new surcharge on utility bills, tacked on as part of the budget that was passed in June, will be used to pay the salaries and benefits of district attorneys in counties across Wisconsin.

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